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ATTENTION! SIGNA needs a replacement volunteer(s) effective immediately. SIGNA Seed Chairs have retired. After many years of dedicated service, 2013 was their final Seed List. Contact the President at krw25@cornell.edu to learn more. The future of the Seed Exchange needs YOU to continue! Please help, please volunteer. Thank you!
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The seeds below are still available from previous years' lists. Prices are reduced in an effort to move them. The viability of stored Iris seeds remains good for many years. Some may require winter stratification to germinate.

Packets are $0.50 each.

NumberBuySubName & descriptionQtyDonorLinks

I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB

II Crested: CR
09CR042   tectorum OP FW RRH
09CR044 x x tectorum album OP x DKR
10CR035 x x tectorum x KWK
10CR039 x x tectorum album x KWK
10CR043 tectorum mixed AB BDS
12CR084 x x cristata wc Carter Cty, KY x KRW
12CR097 tectorum AV AMC
12CR098 tectorum AV BDJ
12CR099 tectorum AB BDS
12CR100 tectorum AB JML
12CR101 x x tectorum x RBD
12CR103 x x tectorum album x BDJ
12CR106 tectorum album AB TDL
12CR109 x x tectorum mixed x RDV

Foetidissimae FT
11FT063 x x foetidissima wc Pautrevedre, Spain x JLC
12FT115   foetidissima FW JNH

Laevigate LV
09LV061 x x ensata lt. blue ex SIGNA x ITH
09LV064 laevigata ex SIGNA lt. blue AV ITH
09LV065 laevigata mix ex SIGNA blue AB ITH
09LV067 maackii ex ‘Seakrill’ AB JWW
09LV070 pseudacorus lg plant OP AB KRW
09LV072 pseudacorus ex ‘King Clovis’ AV RTS
09LV073 pseudacorus ex ‘Minwanosato’ AV RTS
09LV077 x x versicolor ex ‘Between The Lines’ x CLNlink
09LV087 x x versicolor ex ‘Mint Fresh’ OP x JPWlink
09LV093 versicolor med. Blue/purple AB CLN
09LV095 versicolor purple old sturdy AB CLN
09LV100 versicolor ex SIGNA 92N203 blue AV CLN
09LV101 versicolor ex SIGNA 93N433 AB CLN
09LV105 x x virginica shrevei ex Green Rv KY purple/white OP x KRWmap
10LV117   ensata blue FW NZI
10LV130   pseudacorus wc Tuusula Lake, Tuusula, Finland FW MTR
10LV132 pseudacorus mzchetica AB RTS
10LV133 pseudacorus ex 'King Clovis' AB RTS
10LV134 x x pseudacorus ex 'Krill' ex SIGNA 04N194 x RTS
10LV135 x x pseudacorus ex 'Minwanosato' ex SIGNA 04N197 x RTS
10LV136 pseudacorus ex 'Seakrill' AB JNL
10LV137   pseudacorus ex 'Sun in Splendour' FW KWL
10LV138 x x pseudacorus F2 orange ex A. Wheeler x RTS
10LV139 pseudacorus tall, gold AV KRW
10LV140   pseudacorus VF KDI
10LV143 x x versicolor ex 'Between The Lines' x JPW
10LV146 virginica AB ABL
10LV148 virginica shrevei wc Green River KY AB KRW
10LV149 x x virginica shrevei ex Taylor Cty, IA x KNR
11LV065 x x ensata hp ex SIGNA 06N149 Korea x KWK
11LV072 x x ensata ex (Cream Signal x Cream Signal –( SW J07/51)) X bee x SWT
11LV074 mackii ex cream, vigorous ext flower E to L AB AHB
11LV075   pseudacrous ex ‘Bastardii’ FW KDI
11LV077 pseudacorus ‘ex 'King Clovis’ AB RTS
11LV078 pseudacorus ex ‘Krill’ AB RTS
11LV079 pseudacorus ex ‘Minwansato’ AB RTS
11LV080 pseudacorus ex ‘Seakrill’ AB RTS
11LV081 versicolor coll Algonquin Park Canada AB AMC
11LV082 x x versicolor wc Leelanau Cty, MI x CBA
11LV083 versicolor AV BIS
11LV087 x x versicolor ex 'Anticosti Discovery' x AHB
11LV088 x x versicolor ex 'Between The Lines' x JPW
11LV090 x x versicolor ex 'Cat Mousam' x JPW
11LV091   versicolor ex ‘Epic Poem’ FW JJM
11LV092 x x versicolor ex 'Epic Poem' x JPW
11LV095 x x versicolor ex 'Mint Fresh' x JPW
11LV098 versicolor ex 'Murrayana' F3 AB AHB
11LV099 x x versicolor ex 'Party Line' x JPW
11LV100 versicolor. ex 'Whodunit' AB JPW
11LV101 x x versicolor AC-12 x AHB
11LV102 versicolor Bar - 01 ex Barachois Iles de la Madeline, Que AB AHB
11LV103 versicolor ex SIGNA 03N173 AB LEB
11LV108 virginica shrevei ex Green River, KY AB KRW
12LV119 x x ensata blue and white x KRW
12LV124 pseudacorus ? wc N Coast of Hokkaido, Japan TCM 12-707 AB TMT
12LV126 pseudacorus ex ‘Foxcroft Full Moon’ AB RTS
12LV132 pseudacorus ex ‘Seakrill’ AB RTS

Laevigate Hybrids LH

Hexagonae LA
11LA112 x x fulva decorticated seed x AHB
12LA164 x x LA ex ‘Beale Street' x RBR
12LA165 x x LA ex ‘Black Gamecock’ x RBR
12LA166 x x LA ex ‘Coorabell’ x RSK
12LA171 x x LA ex ‘King Louis’ x RBR
12LA173 x x LA ex ‘Lone Star’ x RBR
12LA175 LA ex ‘Rae Rae’ AB RBR
12LA179 x x LA ex ‘Sun Fury’ x RBR

Pacific Coast PC
11PC116 x x douglasiana x PRN
11PC117 x x douglasiana ex SPCNI 042401 x ex SPCNI 033400 x KWK
11PC121 x x PCN hybrid cream x NZI

Siberian SB
09SB153 Siberian ex ‘Caesar’s Brother’ AB KRW
09SB161 Siberian ex ‘Maranatha’ OP AV WWG
09SB166 Siberian old dk. blue AB ITH
09SB169 x x Siberian white x ITH
09SB171 Siberian blue-violet ex CO AB RST
10SB174 sibirica AB FDM
10SB176 x x SIB ex 'Caesar's Brother' x KRW
10SB177 x x SIB ex 'Castlegrace' x NZI
10SB185 x x SIB ex 'Orville Fay' ex NZI x BIS
11SB129 sibirica ex E. Switzerland AB LHR
11SB132 SIB ex ‘Caesar’s Brother’ AV KRW
11SB134 x x SIB ex ‘Chesiere’s Wild One’ x LHR
11SB138 x x SIB ex ‘Lavendel Wein’ x JNH
12SB196 sibirica ex 01J173 6 falls, blue AB LEB
12SB207 x x SIB ex ‘Fattaneh’ x JNL
12SB211 x x SIB ex ‘Lilting Laura’ x JNL

Spuria SP
10SP062   orientalis FW KDI
10SP064 x x sintenesii x MBS
10SP069 x x xanthospuria x MBS
10SP076 x x SPU ex 'Castor River' x JNL
10SP102 x x SPU ex 'Sunny Day' x JNL
10SP108 SPU ex Moldava AB ACH
11SP156 x x notha 80 cm, blue x KDI
11SP158 x x sintenisii x MBS
11SP163 x x SPU Mixed cvs ex BIS 4-6' x IEF
12SP244 x x spuria x KDI
12SP248 x x SPU ex ‘Betty Cooper’ x JNH
12SP249 x x SPU ex ‘Betty Cooper’ x JNL
12SP251 x x SPU ex ‘California Gold Rush’ x JNL
12SP260 x x SPU ex ‘Ila Crawford’ x JNL
12SP263 x x SPU ex ‘Missouri Autumn’ x DNS
12SP264 x x SPU ex ‘Missouri Autumn’ x JNL
12SP265 x x SPU ex ‘Missouri Clouds’ x DNS
12SP274 x x SPU ex ‘Sunny Day’ x JWW

Tripetalae TR
09TR225 setosa, well branched AB DHI
09TR226 setosa sm. purple, NOT hookeri AB CLN
09TR228 setosa mid-size purple AB CLN
09TR232 setosa ex ‘Tourist’ AB BIS
10TR157 x x setosa mix x KDI
10TR159 setosa dk blue AB ABL
10TR164 x x tridentata x JPW
10TR165 setosa canadensis/ hookeri AB JCO
10TR308 Setosa AB DHI
11TR166 x x hookeri x JPW
11TR167 setosa ex Japan x self AB AHB
11TR168 x x setosa canadensis x CBA
11TR169 setosa candensis AV BIS
11TR170 x x setosa interior x ensata F3 x AHB
11TR173 setosa hyb 32" AB BIS
12TR282 setosa blue ex Japan AV TTM
12TR286 setosa ex ‘Alteutenkind’ AV TTM

Misc Beardless MS
09MS245 domestica OP AB JBM
09MS246   domestica FW MBS
09MS249 lactea AB BIS
09MS250 lactea AV KWK
09MS252 x x lactea best upright x TDL
09MS253 lactea ex NZIS AB PTL
10MS204 x x lactea blue/white tidy x -ABL
10MS205   lactea rec'd as moorcroftiana VF PTG
10MS207 x x lactea ex 'Tough Cookie' x JPW
10MS210   prismatica FW CLN
10MS212 prismatica AB KWK
10MS214 x x sisyrinichium x KWK
11MS181 x x domestica x NZI
11MS182 domestica 30" apricot AB RDV
11MS183 domestica 42" red-orange AB RDV
11MS185 x x domestica ex ‘Hello Yellow’ x JWW
11MS186 lactea AB AMC
11MS197 missouriensis ex Sequim & Whidbay Island, WA mid Lg dk bl /wh AB CHN
11MS198 x x missouriensis var. pelegonus ex SIGNA 98P382 x KWK
11MS199 x x prismatica x JPW
11MS200 x x prismatica x KWK
11MS201 x x prismatica var austrina x RTS
11MS203 sisyrinchium AV JNH
11MS204 x x unguiculares x BIS
12MS301   lactea var chinensis FW JNH
12MS304 x x lactea mixed x JWW

IV Bulbous: Xiphium XP, Reticulate RT, Scorpiris JU, Nepalensis NP
10JU234 x x magnifica x PTG
10JU238 x x magnifica ex NARGS ex 'Agalik' x KWK
10JU312 x x magnifica x KDI
11JU210 x x aucheri ex ‘Sky Blue’ x KDI
12JU318 x x albomarginata x AMC
12JU319 x x aucheri x JNH
12JU326   magnifica FW KDI
12JU327 x x magnifica alba x AMC

V Wide Crosss: SX (excluding Arilbred – see I Bearded)
    x versata = versicolor x ensata
    x biversata = versata x versicolor [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of versicolor]
    x reversicolor = versicolor x biversata
    x reensata = versata x ensata [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of ensata]
    x tetraversata = tetraploid versata = tetraploid (versicolor x ensata)
    x robusta = a natural hybrid of I. virg. shrevei x versicolor reported by Anderson (1949)
    x versilaev = versicolor x laevigata
    x pseudata = pseudacorus x ensata
09SX346 x x ex ‘Roy Davidson’ x CLN
10SX255 x x x robusta ex 'Jenny Joy' x RBR
10SX256 x x x robusta ex 'Dark Aura' x JNL
11SX226 x biversata ex SIGNA 04N247 AB BDS
11SX227 x x x biversata ex 'Little Prince' blue/white /purple E M x AHB
11SX228 x x x biversata ex 'Riviere Rouge' red & pink hp x AHB
11SX230 x x x biversata 04-04 Violet mauve M L x AHB
11SX231 x x x biversata 05 - 16 ex 'Gentle Lift' violet x AHB
11SX232 x x x biversata 05 - 33 red rebloomer E M L x AHB
11SX233 x x x biversata 05-33 red select M L x AHB
11SX234 x x x biversata 011- 27 pink x AHB
11SX235 x x x biversata pink E M x AHB
11SX236 x x x biversata red-purple and violet E M x AHB
11SX237 x x x biversata tall and vigorous x AHB
11SX238 x x x biversta violet veined white x self x AHB
11SX240 x x hookeri x pseudacorus 'Donau' F3 x AHB
11SX243 x x maackii (09 - 79 ex 'Marie Chuard' x versata 4n) x self x AHB
11SX247 x x x robusta x self x AHB
11SX248 x x x robusta (versicolor x virginica 'Southern Wanderer') x AHB
11SX249 x x x robusta ex ‘Dark Aura’ ex SIGNA 02N218 x JNH
11SX250 x x x robusta ex 'Gerald Darby' x BDS
11SX253 x x (setosa interior x hookeri 'Labraska') x self x AHB
11SX255 x x x versata ex 'Christiane Deades' x self x AHB
11SX256 x x x versata ex 'Hopeful Dream' x AHB
11SX257 x x x versta ex 'New Approach' x self x AHB
11SX258 x x x versata ex 'Step In' x self, violet M L x AHB
11SX260 x x x versata 03- 37 x self rebloom E to VL x AHB
11SX262 x x x versata 09 - 52 superversata purple lilac violet ML x AHB
11SX264 x x x versata 95- 90 x ensata 'Altai', 'Tenue Royale' x self x AHB
12SX346 x x ex ‘Gerald Darby’ x KRW

VI All Other Iridaceae: XX
09XX348 Anomatheca laxa mix red & org mrks AB PTLpic
09XX352 x x Crocus versicolor x PRN
09XX354 x x Cypella coelestis x KWK
09XX355 x x Cypella herbertii x MBS
09XX356 Dierama magenta mixed, tall AB BIS
09XX357 Dierma pink 5 ft AB BIS
09XX358 Dierama pink 6 ft AB BIS
09XX361   Freesia alba FW MBS
09XX364 Gladiolus italicus AV MBS
09XX368 Libertia formosa AB BIS
09XX374 Romulea hirta AV MBS
09XX375 Sisyrinchium angustifolium AB RST
09XX376 Sisyrinchium idahoense AB PRNlink
10XX309 Sisyrinchium littorale 8 in AB DHI
11XX270 x x Babiana scariosa x MBS
11XX272 x x Calydorea amabilis x KWK
11XX275 Crocus speciosus AB JPW
11XX276 x x Crocus versicolor x PRN
11XX279 Dietes grandiflora AB JLC
11XX280 Dietes iridioides under 20" AB DVL
11XX281 x x Diplarrhena moraea x KSY
11XX298 Sisyrinchium angustifolium AV RST
11XX303 Tritonia deusta, blotched form AV MBS
12XX352 Alophia drummondii AB RBR
12XX353 Calydorea amabilis ex PBS 294-34 AB JLU
12XX354 Crocosmia paniculata AV MBS
12XX355 Crocosmia ex ’Lucifer’ AB DCK
12XX356 Crocus speciosus AV JPW
12XX357 x x Cypella coelestis x RBD
12XX358   Dierama pulcherrimum FW RBD
12XX359 Dietes bicolor AB BDJ
12XX360 Dietes iridioides ex 92Z391 AB RST
12XX362 x x Fressia laxa x RBD
12XX363 Freesia laxa blue AB JLU
12XX364 x x Freesia laxa ex ‘Joan Evans’ x JLU
12XX365 Geissorhiza falcata AB BDJ
12XX366 Geissorhiza splendissima AB BDJ
12XX367 Gelesine elongata AB BDJ
12XX372 Gladiolus tristis AV JLU
12XX373 Herbertia lahue AB JLU
12XX374 Herbertia lahue AV MBS
12XX375 Herbertia lahue ssp. coerulea AB RBR
12XX376 Herbertia pulchella AB BDJ
12XX379 Moraea polystachya AB BDJ
12XX380 Moraea polystachya AB KWK
12XX382 Romulea monticola AB BDJ
12XX383 Sisyrinchium angustifolium AB KRW
12XX384 Synnotia metelerkampiae ex 05Z423 AV RBR
12XX385   Watsonia pillansii FW MBS
12XX386 Watsonia ex ‘Frosty Morn’ white AB BDJ

09LV388   pseudacorus FW JNH
09LV389 versicolor x self AV FDM
09LV390 versicolor blue AV KRW
09SB395 sibirica AV KDI
09SP401   graminea FW KDI
09SP403 orientalis AV KDI
09SP409 x x Spuria ex 'Caramel Cream' x NZI
09SP417 x x Spuria hyb. x KDI
09MS418 domestica AB FDM
09MS419 lactea ex SIGNA 00R416 AV JNH
09MS420 x x lactea var. chinensis S. Korea ex SIGNA 00R404 x JNH
09JU423   magnifica ex 'Agalik' VF KDI
09XX427 x x Dietes grandiflora x FDM
09XX428 Ferraris crispa AB FDM
09XX429 Gladiolus italicus wc Basilicata, Italy AB FDMmap
09XX430 Hesperoxiphion peruvianum AV NZI
09XX436 Romulea tabularis AV NZI
09XX438 x x Schizostylis pink x NZI
09XX439 Sisyrinchium angustifolium AB KDI
09XX440 Sisyrinchium patagonicum AB FDM
09SB443 x x Siberian ex 'Mrs. Rowe' x GBI
09SB445 x x Spuria ex 'Phillippa Baughen' x GBI
10FT313   foetidissima orange berry VF JJF
10FT314 x x foetidissima ex 'Citrina' x JJF
10FT315   foetidissima ex 'Darthill' FW JJF
11SP306 orientalis ssp gigantea AB JAG
11XX308 x x Dierama robustum ex NARGS White flower x PMR
11XX309 Aristea ecklonii AB PBS
11XX310 x x Babiana Mixed x PBS
11XX311 Cypella herbertii AB PBS
11XX314 Gladiolus cunonius AV PBS
11XX316 Moraea huttonii AB PBS
11XX318 Moraea vegeta AB PBS
11XP322 xiphium AB PBS
11SX323 x x xbiversata 08-78 red x self ML x AHB
11SB325 x x SIB ex 'Salamander Crossing' x KDI
11XX326   Dietes bicolor VF ABL
11XX327 x x foetidissima citrina op x MUN
11SX328 Babiana sp. AV PBS
11SX329 Chasmanthe bicolor AV PBS
11SX331 x x Freesia viridis x PBS
11SX333 x x Onixotis stricta x PBS
12SB388 x x SIB ex 'Mrs. Rowe' x BIS
12SP393 crocea AV BIS
12SP394 orientalis AB BIS
12SP395 spuria AB BIS
12TR396 setosa x setosa AV BIS
12FT400   foetidissima FW DPL
12SP410   SPU ex “Caramel Cream’ FW NZI
12XX411 Dietes bicolor AV NZI
12XX412 Gelasine elongata AV NZI
12XX413 Orthrosanthus laxus AV NZI
12XX414 Romulea monticola AV NZI
12XX415 Sisyrinchium californicum AV NZI

10SP187 x x SPU ex 'Philippa Baughen' OP (previously listed as Siberian, not Spuria) x BIS

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