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The seeds below are still available from previous years' lists. Prices are reduced in an effort to move them. The viability of Iris seeds remains good for many years. Some may require winter stratification to germinate. SIGNA membership is NOT required to order these seeds.

Packets are $0.50 each.

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I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB
22DB001 x x lutescens purple ex N Marseille, France, 2 clones crossed HP x KWK
22DB002 x x lutescens purple ex Massif de L'Estaque, France, 3 clones crossed HP x KWK
22DB003 x x lutescens purple ex Massif de L'Estaque × ex N Marseille, France (and reverse cross) HP x KWK
22TB007 x x trojana ex Vickery seed, Turkey 2 clones crossed HP x KWK

II Crested: CR
20CR023 x x tectorum OP x DCL
20CR029 x x tectorum 'Alba' OP x KDI
20CR030 x x tectorum 5 bud white ex. David Schmieder OP near other white x JPW
20CR031 x x wattii selfed HP x JWW

III. Beardless: Chinenses: CH
22CH021 x x speculatrix Lonsdale clone × Probst CPC HP x KWK
22CH023 x x speculatrix (Probst CPC × Waddick/Shanghai clone) × Lonsdale clone HP x KWK

Foetidissimae FT

Laevigate LV

Laevigate Hybrids LH

Usually invasive outside its native range, Iris pseudacorus (including maackii and mzchetica) will only be shipped to Europe and Asia.
20LV055 x x virginica ex. 'Contraband Girl' OP x RBR
20LV056 x x tetra-versata OP x DKR
21LV029 x x laevigata 'June Lake' soft smooth blue-violet OP x JPW
21LV034 x x versicolor 'Cat Mousam' (WC Maine) OP x JPW
21LV035 x x versicolor 'Epic Poem’ light blue OP x JPW
21LV040 versicolor 'Versicle' bluish white OP AB JPW
21LV042 x x versicolor (hybrid?) 'Murrayana' pure white w/ yellow signal OP x JPW
21LV043 x x virginica 'Contraband Girl' OP x RBR
22LV024 x x ensata SIGNA 10LV122 HP x KWK
22LV026 x x versicolor SIGNA 15LV037 Iron Co., MI HP x KWK
22LV027 x x versicolor 'Between the Lines' white ground, pale blue-violet veining OP x JPW
22LV028 x x versicolor 'Candystriper' white ground, pale red-violet veining OP x JPW
22LV029 versicolor 'Cat Mousam' (WC Maine) OP AB JPW
22LV030 x x versicolor 'Epic Poem’ light blue OP x JPW
22LV031 x x versicolor 'Faded Jeans' purple & white OP x JPW
22LV032 x x versicolor 'Light Verse’ white ground, blue veins OP x JPW
22LV033 x x versicolor 'Mar-Jan' wine red OP x JPW
22LV034 versicolor 'Mint Fresh' wine red veins on white OP AB JPW
22LV035 x x versicolor 'Mysterious Monique' burgandy & white OP x JPW
22LV036 versicolor 'Party Line' pink and white OP AB JPW
22LV037 versicolor 'Pink Peaks' shorter pink and white OP AB JPW
22LV039 versicolor 'Versicle' bluish white OP AB JPW
22LV040 versicolor 'Whodunit' violet and white, large OP AB JPW
22LV041 versicolor (hybrid?) 'Murrayana' pure white w/ yellow signal OP AB JPW
22LV042 virginica 'Contraband Girl' OP AB RBR
22LV043 x x pseudata: 'Gubijin' × ensata SIGNA 10LV122 HP x KWK
22LV044 x x pseudata: 'Gubijin' × ensata 'Springtime Melody' HP x KWK
22LV045 x x tetra-versata tall bicolor selfed HP x DKR
22LV046 x x tetra-versata tall bicolor × tall dark purple HP x DKR
22LV047 x x tetra-versata med. height med. purple × tall bicolor HP x DKR

Hexagonae LA
21LA049 x x LA hybrid 'Cajun Popcorn' OP x RKW
21LA050 x x LA hybrid 'Chacahoula Fire' OP x RKW
21LA053 x x LA hybrid 'Myra Arny' OP x RKW
22LA063 x x LA hybrid 'Unsung Hero' OP x CFD

Pacific Coast PC
20PC067 x x douglasiana ex. Ragged Point × ex. Pigeon Point HP x KWK

Siberian SB
19SB073 x x sibirica SIGNA 00J085 coll. E Switzerland OP x JNH
19SB075 x x ex. 'Sugi Iri' OP x RST
20SB074 x x sanguinea ex. NARGS '14 3231 (WC Nargano Pref., Japan) two clones crossed HP x KWK
20SB075 x x sanguinea ex. NARGS '14 3231 (WC Nargano Pref., Japan) × NARGS '17 3132 (WC Yamanashi Pref., Japan) HP x KWK
20SB077 x x sibirica ex. SIGNA 00J085 Switzerland OP x JNH
20SB078 x x sibirica OP x JNH
20SB079 x x sibirica 'Alba' OP x JNH
21SB058 x x sanguinea ex NARGS '14 3231 (WC Nargano Pref., Japan), 2 clones crossed HP x KWK
21SB060 x x sanguinea ex. SIGNA 04J047 (ex. 'Kamayama') OP x RST
21SB061 x x sanguinea 'RISC Reward' blue-violet, very early OP x JPW
21SB062 x x typhifolia 'Caitlin's Smile' OP x JPW
22SB065 x x sibirica SIGNA 15SB070 coll. Hungary selfed HP x KWK
22SB066 x x typhifolia ex. Nicholis Gardens 2005 HP x KWK

Spuria SP
19SP086 x x notha OP x JNH
20SP087 x x graminea OP x JNL
20SP088 x x graminea OP x KDI
20SP089 x x graminea OP x JNH
20SP096 x x orientalis OP x JNH
21SP064 x x demetrii HP x RBR
21SP067 pseudonotha HP AB RBR
21SP072 x x spuria v. danica ex SIGNA 07P167 selfed HP x KWK
21SP073 x x spuria subsp. maritima ex SIGNA 10SP066 HP x KWK
21SP074   spuria subsp. spuria ex SIGNA 00M160, 2 clones crossed HP FW KWK
21SP075 x x xanthospuria ex NARGS '02 4775, Köycegiz, Turkey, 3 clones crossed HP x KWK
21SP076 x x SP hybrid 'Betty Cooper' OP x RBR
22SP068 graminea OP OP DLP
22SP069 x x graminea OP x DCL
22SP070 x x spuria ssp. carthalinae 'Georgian Delicacy' light blue & pale gold OP x JPW

Tripetalae TR
22TR072 setosa coll. Russia by Sean Zera, blue-violet, purple spathes OP AB JPW
22TR073 setosa 'Tourist' purple w/ yellow signal OP AB JPW
22TR074 setosa seedling #SP13-1-1 pale lavender OP AB JPW

Misc Beardless MS
19MS115 x x lactea OP x JNH
20MS119 x x domestica OP x DKR
21MS084 dichotoma OP AB KWK
21MS085 x x dichotoma lavender OP x MFG
21MS086 x x lactea lavender w/cream ground (ex Wildwood Gardens × ex Qilian Shan, China) HP x KWK
21MS088 lactea 'Redundant' blue violet & white, repeat bloomer OP AB JPW
21MS091 x x ×norrisii mixed, from named clones & seedlings of merit OP x JPW
21MS092 x x oxypetala ex Russia, 5 clones crossed HP x KWK
21MS093 x x prismatica OP x KWK
21MS095 x x unguicularis (2020 seed) HP x RBR
21MS096 x x unguicularis alba HP x KWK
21MS097 x x unguicularis alba × 'Ginny Hunt' HP x KWK
21MS098 x x unguicularis alba × 'Walter Butt' HP x KWK
21MS099 x x unguicularis 'Francis Wormsley' × 'Marginata' HP x KWK
21MS100 x x unguicularis 'Marginata' × 'Ginny Hunt' HP x KWK
21MS101 x x unguicularis 'Marginata' × 'Mary Barnard' HP x KWK
22MS075 x x dichotoma OP x KWK
22MS076 x x domestica OP x BLP
22MS078 x x lactea 'Redundant' blue-violet & white, repeat bloomer OP x JPW
22MS079 x x lactea 'Tough Cookie' white OP x JPW
22MS080 x x lazica HP x KWK
22MS081 x x oxypetala ex Russia 2 clones crossed HP x KWK
22MS082 x x prismatica OP x KWK
22MS083 x x prismatica mid blue-violet ex. Warburton OP x JPW
22MS084 x x prismatica 'Exeter' blue & white, coll. Exeter, NH x JPW

IV Bulbous: Xiphium XP, Reticulate RT, Scorpiris JU, Nepalensis NP
19JU137 x x planifolia OP x MBS
19RT140 x x tuberosa OP x KWK
20JU145 bucharica “Yellow dushambe’ OP AB KWK
21JU103 x x bucharica 'Baldschuan Yellow' selfed HP x KWK
21JU104 x x bucharica 'Swan Wings' selfed HP x KWK
21JU105 x x bucharica 'Swan Wings' × 'Baldschuan Yellow' HP x KWK
21NP106 x x decora ex NARGS '10 1638 HP x KWK
21JU107 magnifica 'Agalik' × 'Aman-Kutan' HP AB KWK
21JU108 magnifica ex NARGS '97 2167 × 'Aman-Kutan' HP AB KWK
21JU110 planifolia ex ((var. micrantha CRL 1054, Tunisia) × (KV208, Spain)) × ex garden HP AB KWK
22XP089   lusitanica selfed HP FW KWK
22JU090 x x magnifica 'Agalik' selfed HP x KWK
22JU091 x x magnifica 'Aman-Kutan' selfed HP x KWK
22JU092 x x magnifica NARGS '97 2167 some blue tint selfed HP x KWK
22JU093 x x planifolia v. micrantha ex Tunisia selfed HP x KWK
22JU094 x x vicaria ex. Uzbekistan HP x KWK
22XP095 x x xiphium ex. Sierra de las Nieves above El Burgo, Spain HP x KWK
22XP096 x x xiphium ex. El Espinar, Spain HP x KWK

V Wide Crosss: SX (excluding Arilbred – see I Bearded)
    x versata = versicolor x ensata
    x biversata = versata x versicolor [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of versicolor]
    x reversicolor = versicolor x biversata
    x reensata = versata x ensata [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of ensata]
    x tetraversata = tetraploid versata = tetraploid (versicolor x ensata)
    x robusta = a natural hybrid of I. virg. shrevei x versicolor reported by Anderson
    x versilaev = versicolor x laevigata
    x pseudata = pseudacorus x ensata

VI All Other Iridaceae: XX
20XX168 x x Dietes bicolor OP x KDI
21XX122 Sisyrinchium minus, annual OP AB RBR
22XX101 x x Moraea britteniae x DCL
22XX102 x x Moraea polystachya blue HP [native to southern Africa] x RBR

VI. Other Iridaceae - bulblets: XZ (These will not be shipped outside of the US)

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