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Iris ruthenica var. nana #1 of 1

Credits: Iris ruthenica var. nana, Charlotte Jacobson - own garden - June 2006 (Charlotte Jacobson, 24-JUN-06)

Charlotte Jacobson - own garden - June 2006 (Charlotte Jacobson, 01-AUG-06)

Comments: Seed collected in 2003 from Mt. Redebo hear Zhongdian at 3300 mtrs (Charlotte Jacobson, 01-AUG-06)

Iris ruthenica is suposed to have only a "slight central ridge" rather than a full crest on the falls. It looks similar to a plant I bought under the name Iris collettii. It was listed as collected on the Zhongdien Plateau. (Ken Walker, 09-AUG-06)

Perhaps Iris leptophylla (i.e. note the beard). The roots/rhizomes should be very different in the two species (very little rhizome at all with clump of think roots in R. collettii, and more typically Iris-like in I. leptophylla, (David Ferguson, 05-JAN-15)

Iris ruthenica var. nana

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