Species Iris Group of North America
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The Species Iris Group of North America (SIGNA) is dedicated to the study of the wild species of the genus Iris and related irids in order to promote a wider appreciation of these plants and their hybrids as garden ornamentals.

Our goal is to further their introduction and distribution through our seed exchange while supporting their conservation in the wild. We will disseminate scientific and cultural information about these plants to both our membership and the general public through our regular publications and website.

Although the name SIGNA includes the words "North America" we have members from all around the world such as Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. SIGNA is truly a global organization. This is not surprising because Irises are also found all over the world as shown in this distribution map from MOBOT.

To learn more please explore the rest of our website, starting here: Or you can join the Iris-Species email forum on Yahoogroups which is open to anyone (not just SIGNA members). There are about 250 members and the group has been active for 10+ years. To join send a blank message to iris-species-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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