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This year's seeds donated by:
    [CPN] Claire Patten, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
    [DKR] Dennis Kramb, Liberty Township, OH, USA
    [DVL] Dennis Van Landuyt, Versailles, MO, USA
    [FFS] Frank Foster, Salem, OR, USA
    [JNH] Neuhercz Józsefné, Budapest, HUNGARY
    [JPW] Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks, Carlisle, MA, USA
    [KDI] Kalásziné D. Ilona, Budapest, HUNGARY
    [KWK] Kenneth Walker, Concord, CA, USA
    [MBS] Maurice Boussard, Ventabren, FRANCE
    [NZI] New Zealand Iris Society, NEW ZEALAND
    [RBR] Rodney Barton, Hickory Creek, TX, USA
    [RST] Robert Strohman, Louisville, KY, USA
    [SIG] Superstition Iris Gardens, Catheys Valley, CA, USA
    [SZR] Sean Zera, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


    VF = Very Few seeds (less than 25) available.
    FW = Few seeds (under 50) available.
    AV = Seeds are generally available.
    AB = Abundant supply of seeds.
    x = Seeds are sold out!
    OP = open pollinated.
    HP = hand pollinated.
    WC = wild collected.

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I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB
17TB001 x x 'Flavescens' OP ex Mackinac Co., MI USA (persisting or escaped from cultivation) x SZR
17TB002 x x germanica x KDI
17DB003 x x italica (syn. lutescens) x JNH
17DB004 x x pseudopumila HP ex 03A005 x KWK
17DB005 x x pumila WC Széchenyi Mt. Hungary x KDI
17DB006 x x suaveolens HP two clones both red-violet x JPW
17MB007 x x reginae (syn. variegata) x KDI
17MB008 x x variegata ex 10MB009 OP x SZR
17MB009 x x variegata 10MB009 X 12MB008 (PBF, both WC Hungary) x SZR
17MB010 x x variegata alba x KDI
17DB011 x x SDB ex 'Bright Button' x JNH

Arillate: AR
17AR012 x x stolonifera, 'bright blue beard’ X 'Tiberius' x KWK
17AR013 x x stolonifera X stolonifera 'Tiberius' x KWK

Arilbred: AB

II. Crested: CR
17CR014 x x sp. nova HP ex CDHM 14571 ex Sichuan, China (3200m) japonica like flower, stems leafy, densely clumping x SZR
17CR015 x x cristata OP mixed blues and violets x JPW
17CR016 x x cristata ex 'Dash It All' blue w/ long, white signal x JPW
17CR017 x x cristata 'Edgar Anderson' OP large flowered blue-violet x JPW
17CR018 x x cristata 'Merle's Wine' OP red-violet x JPW
17CR019 x x cristata ex 'Sam's Mini' OP dwarf blue x JPW
17CR020 gracilipes blue OP AB JPW
17CR021 gracilipes ex ‘Buko Form’ (dwarf white) OP AV JPW
17CR022   milesii VF NZI
17CR023 milesii, 3rd gen. ex Nepal AB KWK
17CR024 tectorum OP purple AB KWK
17CR025 tectorum OP blue-violet AV JPW
17CR026 x x tectorum OP dark purple ex Schmieder x JPW
17CR027 x x tectorum blue x JNH
17CR028 x x tectorum blue x KDI
17CR029 tectorum blue AV CPN
17CR030 x x tectorum album x KDI
17CR031 x x tectorum OP white x JPW

III. Beardless: Chinenses: CH
17CH032 x x henryi x KWK
17CH033 x x speculatrix HP mixed sources x KWK

Foetidissimae: FT (included below, under Miscellaneous)

Laevigate: LV
17LV034 ensata HP ex 10LV122 wild Russian line AB KWK
17LV035 ensata ex RISC WC seed red-violet AB JPW
17LV036 x x ensata ex ‘Star at Midnight' x NZI
17LV037 x x ensata ex ‘Veined Artistry' x NZI
17LV038 x x laevigata HP 'Colchesterensis’ X 'Lakeside Ghost' x KWK
17LV039 pseudacorus ‘Mzchetica’ OP AV SIG
17LV040 x x pseudacorus ‘F2 Orange’ x SIG
17LV041 x x pseudacorus ‘Sushi’ OP x SIG
17LV042 x x versicolor ex ‘Between the Lines’ OP x JPW
17LV043 versicolor ex ‘Epic Poem’ OP AB JPW
17LV044 x x versicolor ex ‘Faded Jeans’ OP x JPW
17LV045 versicolor ex ‘Light Verse’ OP AB JPW
17LV046 x x versicolor ‘Mar-Jan' OP wine red x JPW
17LV047 versicolor ex ‘Murrayana’ OP AV JPW
17LV048 x x versicolor ex ‘Party Lines’ OP x JPW
17LV049 x x versicolor ex ‘Versicle’ OP x JPW
17LV050 versicolor ex ‘Whodunit’ OP AV JPW
17LV051 virginica 'Southern Wanderer' HP AV KWK
17LV052 virginica var. shrevei HP ex Green River KY AV KWK

Louisiana: LA
17LA053 brevicaulis HP AV KWK
17LA054 x x brevicaulis ‘Lavender’ HP x RBR
17LA055 x x fulva 'Lois' x 'Marvell Gold' both WC yellows x KWK
17LA056 x x giganticaerulea HP x KWK
17LA057 x x hexagona HP x KWK
17LA058 x x nelsonii HP x KWK

Pacific Coast: PC
17PC059 innominata AV CPN
17PC060 x x munzii OP. ex SPCNI 1270.14 x KWK

Siberian: SB
17SB061 x x delavayi x NZI
17SB062 x x sanguinea white ex Korea HP x SZR
17SB063 x x sanguinea HP 06R255, Korea x KWK
17SB064 x x sibirica blue 90 cm x JNH
17SB065 sibirica ex ‘Snow Prince’ white OP AB JPW
17SB066 sibirica ex 00J085 (ex Switzerland) AV JNH
17SB067   03J064 (selected f2s from 'Snow Prince x Mongolius') FW JNH
17SB068 x x SIB OP ex 14SB057 ‘Kanoa’ x RST
17SB069   SIB ex 'Band of Angels' VF NZI
17SB070 x x SIB coll. Wooster, OH, clone 1 x RST
17SB071 x x SIB coll. Wooster, OH, clone 2 x RST
17SB072 x x SIB coll. Wooster, OH, clone 3 x RST
17SB073 x x SIB coll. Wooster, OH, clone 4 x RST
17SB074 x x typhifolia OP ex 13SB208 x RST
17SB075 typhifolia OP ex 13SB210 AV RST

Spuria: SP
17SP076 x x crocea x KDI
17SP077 graminea AV KDI
17SP078 x x graminea x JNH
17SP079   graminea OP ex. 08SP172 VF SZR
17SP080 x x orientalis OP ex 08SP179 x SZR
17SP081 x x orientalis x JNH
17SP082 orientalis AV KDI
17SP083 x x sintenisii ex Eco Gardens clones evergreen x JPW
17SP084 x x sintenisii ex 'Parkville Pal' OP evergreen x JPW
17SP085 x x spuria ssp. carthalinae ex ‘Georgian Delicacy’ OP but no other in bloom x JPW
17SP086 x x spuria ssp. halophila x KDI
17SP087 x x spuria ssp. musulmanica x JNH
17SP088 x x xanthospuria HP ex NARGS 02/4775 x KWK
17SP089 x x xanthospuria HP ex 03M126 x KWK
17SP090 x x SPU ex 'Clark Cosgrove' x JNH
17SP091 x x SPU ex 'Goldmania' x JNH
17SP092 SPU ex 'Hideaway' AV KDI
17SP093 x x SPU ex 'Highland Coral' x KDI
17SP094 x x SPU ex 'Imperial Bronze' x JNH
17SP095 x x SPU ex 'Red Oak' x KDI
17SP096 x x SPU ex 'Social Circle' x JNH
17SP097 x x SPU white-yellow 50 cm x JNH

Tripetalae: TR
17TR098 x x hookeri WC N.W. Newfoundland x DKR
17TR099 x x setosa fades to white x KWK
17TR100 setosa ex ‘All Stripes' OP white w/ magenta veins AV JPW
17TR101 setosa ex ‘Tourist’ OP purple w/ yellow signal AB JPW
17TR102 setosa ssp. interior WC North Pole, AK USA AB SZR
17TR103 x x tridentata, mixed clones x KWK
17TR104 x x tridentata, (03Q227 x John Wood's clone) x sib x KWK
17TR105   tridentata saved from repeat bloom VF JPW

Misc. Beardless: MS
17MS106 cretensis HP AV KWK
17MS107 decora ex NARGS 10/1628 AB KWK
17MS108 dichotoma AV JPW
17MS109 x x dichotoma, HP mixed parents x KWK
17MS110 dichotoma white ex 15MS112 OP AV SZR
17MS111 domestica ex 11MS153 OP AV SZR
17MS112 x x foetidissima x KDI
17MS113 foetidissima AV FFS
17MS114 lactea AB JNH
17MS115 lactea OP mix of blue-violet & white AV JPW
17MS116 lactea HP falls w/cream ground AV KWK
17MS117 lactea var. chinensis AB JNH
17MS118 lactea var. lactea HP ex Vickery 2009 KZ9, Kazakhstan AB KWK
17MS119 x x lactea (as oxypetela) HP ex Russia x KWK
17MS120 x x lactea 'Tough Cookie' X ‘cream ground’ x KWK
17MS121 x x lazica HP, ex BIS 2010 423 x KWK
17MS122 prismatica OP mid-blue-violet ex Warburton AB JPW
17MS123   prismatica VF NZI
17MS124 prismatica AB KWK
17MS125 prismatica 'Exeter' OP – blue AV JPW
17MS126 prismatica ‘Austrina’ AB SIG
17MS127 x x songarica x JNH
17MS128 x x unguicularis HP UCBG 89.1012 ex Greece x KWK
17MS129 x x unguicularis ‘alba’ HP x KWK
17MS130 x x unguicularis 'Violet Cresent' x CPN
17MS131 x x unguicularis 'Francis Wormsley' X ‘Marginata' x KWK
17MS132 verna OP ex 'Cleo Chapel Road' AV JPW
17MS133 x x verna OP white x JPW

IV. Bulbous: Reticulate RT, Scorpiris JU, Xiphium XP
17JU134 x x aucheri ‘Dark Form’ x MBS
17NP135 x x barbatula (I. collettii DJHC 0328) x KWK
17JU136 x x bucharica white-yellow x KDI
17JU137 x x bucharica 'Baldschuan Yellow' HP x KWK
17JU138 x x bucharica ex 'Swan Wings' HP x KWK
17JU139 magnifica AV JNH
17JU140 magnifica AV KDI
17JU141   magnifica ex ‘Aman-Kutan’ VF KDI
17JU142 magnifica ‘Agalik’ x ‘Aman-Kutan’ AB KWK
17JU143   planifolia FW KWK
17JU144 planifolia AV MBS
17RT145   reticulata ex 'White Caucasus' VF KDI
17RT146 tuberosa AV KWK
17RT147 tuberosa AB MBS
17XP148 xiphium var lusitanica HP AB KWK

V. Wide Crosses: SX
17SX149 xbiversata 'Simply Cute' OP red-violet AV JPW
17SX150 xnorrisii OP – from named clones and seedlings of merit AB JPW

VI. All Other Iridaceae: XX
17XX151 x x Alophia drummondii ex SIGNA x RBR
17XX152   Babiana villosa VF NZI
17XX153 Calydorea amabilis ex 11XX272 AV RBR
17XX154   Crocosmia aurea FW MBS
17XX155   Dietes bicolor VF NZI
17XX156 Dietes flavida ex 99Z458 cream AV RBR
17XX157 Dietes grandiflora [native to South Africa, Eastern Cape region] AB MBS
17XX158 Dietes iridioides AV JNH
17XX159   Dietes iridioides FW KDI
17XX160 Ennealophus euryandrus [native to Argentina] AV MBS
17XX161 Ennealophus fimbriatus ex 12XX361 AV RBR
17XX162 Ferraria crispa AB MBS
17XX163 Freesia (Anomatheca) laxa, ex SIGNA AV RBR
17XX164   Freesia laxa ex 'Joan Evans' [native to Africa, ranging from South Sudan to South Africa] VF NZI
17XX165   Gladiolus byzantinus FW MBS
17XX166   Gladiolus communis FW MBS
17XX167 Gladiolus italicus (syn segetum) [native to southern Europe and into Asia] AB MBS
17XX168 Herbertia lahue AV RAB
17XX169 Lapeirousia jacquinii AV MBS
17XX170 Libertia grandiflora [endemic to New Zealand] AV MBS
17XX171 Moraea macrocarpa AV MBS
17XX172 Moraea marlothii [native to South Africa] AB MBS
17XX173 Moraea polystachya [native to southern Africa] AB MBS
17XX174 Romulea monticola ex 12xx382 AV DVL
17XX175   Romulea atranda VF NZI
17XX176   Romulea subfistulosa VF MBS
17XX177 Sisyrinchium angustifolium [native to eastern North America, from Texas to Minnesota to Ontario, Florida to Newfoundland] AB RST
17XX178 Sisyrinchium species WC Denton Co. TX USA AV RBR
17XX179 Tigridia pavonia 'Sunset In Oz' HP golden orange with red markings AB JPW
17XX180   Tritonia deusta ex 07XX258 FW DVL

VI. Other Iridaceae - bulblets: XZ (These will not be shipped outside of the US)
17XZ181   Gladiolus species - bulblets VF DVL
17XZ182   Gladiolus tristis - bulblets VF DVL
17XZ183   Crocus sieberii - bulblets VF DVL
17XZ184   Freesia refracta - bulblets VF DVL

Local legislation continues to be passed against Iris pseudacorus across the U.S.A. and Canada in response to its harmful impact in wild natural areas. As of February 2018 it is illegal to buy, sell, or possess in 14 states and provinces. This includes subspecies, variants, named cultivars, and hybrids. 30 other states and provinces officially recognize & designate it as a harmful invasive species, have eradication programs in place, and actively discourage its cultivation. Continued monitoring in these locations may result in it becoming banned there as well. Please take proper care if you live in these regions.

This information was compiled in January and February of 2018. If a state or province is not listed, there is no official legislation or warning against Iris pseudacorus from that government. The web links and legal status will change over time. To get the latest information for a specific location you should do a Google search using key words like: 'Iris pseudacorus Alberta prohibited' or 'Iris pseudacorus Alberta invasive list' or 'Iris pseudacorus Alberta banned'. Most states and provinces also have a list of regulated and banned invasive species which you could Google search.

LocationStatusNotes & Evidence
AlaskadiscouragedNot illegal, but scores 66/100 threat level for invasivness in the southern coastal region.


Albertaprohibited"Do not grow or purchase this plant."


British ColumbiaprohibitedProhibited, listed as a provincially regulated noxious plant.


CaliforniadiscouragedA bad weed in wetlands in California. Deserves a “B” rating as it has invaded many areas to which it is adapted and undoubtedly has the ability to spread further. Because of this potential future harm, a “B” rating is justified.


ColoradodiscouragedNot illegal, but on the offical watch list as potentially invasive species.


ConnecticutprohibitedNo person shall import, move, sell, purchase, transplant, cultivate or distribute it.


DelawarediscouragedNot illegal, but one of the top invasive species in the state.


FloridadiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


IdahodiscouragedRecognized as a noxious weed and is on state's containment plan list.


IllinoisprohibitedDesignated as an injurious invasive species, it is now illegal to buy, sell, or transport this species in Indiana and Illinois.


IndianaprohibitedDesignated as an injurious invasive species, it is now illegal to buy, sell, or transport this species in Indiana and Illinois.


KansasdiscouragedNot illegal, but being considered for addition to the watch list as potentially invasive species.


KentuckydiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


LouisianadiscouragedNot illegal, but officially urges the use of native Louisiana Iris species instead.


MaineprohibitedProhibited since January 2017, illegal to sell, import, export, buy or intentionally propagate.


ManitobadiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


MarylandprohibitedTier 1 Invasive, as of April 11, 2017 you cannot propagate, import, transfer, sell, purchase, transport, or introduce any Tier 1 invasive plant into Maryland.


MassachusettsprohibitedBanned from importation, propagation, sale, trade, and distribution.


MichigandiscouragedProhibited in 2005 but later lifted, this is still considered a threat to Michigan wetlands however it is not currently listed as a banned or restricted species.


MinnesotaprohibitedRegulated invasive species that is not legal to possess, sell, buy, and transport.


MontanadiscouragedNoxious weed, on state's list for containment & eradication. See video below.



NebraskadiscouragedNot illegal, but state has ongoing eradication efforts in place to remove established invasive populations. See video below.



New BrunswickdiscouragedNot illegal, but included on New Brunswick's Top 10 Unwanted Invaders species list.


New HampshireprohibitedNo person shall collect, transport, import, export, move, buy, sell, distribute, propagate or transplant any living and viable portion of any plant species, which includes all of their cultivars and varieties.


New JerseydiscouragedNot illegal, but recently proposed for addition to the state's DO NOT PLANT list.


New YorkprohibitedCannot be knowingly possessed with the intent to sell, import, purchase, transport or introduce. In addition, no person shall sell, import, purchase, transport, introduce or propagate prohibited invasive species.


North CarolinadiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


OhiodiscouragedNot illegal, but listed as a well-established invasive posing moderate to severe threat to Ohio's natural areas.


OklahomadiscouragedNot illegal, but on the offical watch list as potentially invasive species.



OntariodiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


OregondiscouragedClass B noxious weed, quarantine required.


PennsylvaniadiscouragedNot illegal, but listed as a Rank 2 - Significant Threat species.


Prince Edward IslanddiscouragedNot illegal, but a priority species for monitoring on PEI Invasive Species Spotter’s Network.


QuebecdiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


Rhode IslanddiscouragedNot illegal, but recognized as a well established invasive species in the state.


SaskatchewandiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


South CarolinadiscouragedNot illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


TennesseediscouragedRanked as significant threat, not illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


VermontprohibitedDesignated as a Class B noxious weed, prohibits the importation, movement, sale, pocession, cultivation and/or distribution of this species.


VirginiadiscouragedHighest tier invasive, not illegal, but officially discouraged from cultivation.


WashingtondiscouragedClass C noxious weed, can be designated illegal at county-level.


West VirginiaprohibitedTier 1 Invasive, Illegal to sell, transport, etc., without a permit which addresses environmental safety.


WisconsinprohibitedFormerly restricted, now prohibited as the restricted phase-out period expires in 2018.


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