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Legend: VF = Very Few seeds (less than 25) available. FW = Few seeds (under 50) available. AV = Seeds are generally available. AB = Abundant supply of seeds. x = Seeds are sold out! OP = open pollinated. HP = hand pollinated. WC = wild collected.

Packets are $1.00 each.

Use the checkboxes below to select which seeds to "buy" or request as "sub" (substitutes). Seeds in short supply will not be used for substitutes. Inventory is NOT updated daily. 'VF' and 'FW' items sell out quickly SO PLEASE SPECIFY SUBSTITUTES.

NumberBuySubName & descriptionQtyDonorLinks

MB Median Bearded

TB Tall Bearded (none)

AR Arillate (none)

CR Crested

CH Chinenses

FT Foetidissimae

LV Laevigate (U.S.A. and Canada residents please check the legal restrictions on Iris pseudacorus before ordering.)

LA Louisiana

PC Pacific Coast

SB Siberian

SP Spuria

TR Tripetalae

MS Misc Beardless

XI Xiphium

Please use these excellent websites to reference many of the irises in group IV.
JU Juno

RT Reticulata (none)

SX Wide Crossses (excluding Arilbred see I Bearded)
    x versata = versicolor x ensata
    x biversata = versata x versicolor [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of versicolor]
    x reversicolor = versicolor x biversata
    x reensata = versata x ensata [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of ensata]
    x tetraversata = tetraploid versata = tetraploid (versicolor x ensata)
    x robusta = a natural hybrid of I. virg. shrevei x versicolor reported by Anderson (1949)
    x versilaev = versicolor x laevigata
    x pseudata = pseudacorus x ensata
    x sibtosa = sibirica x setosa
    x tetrasibtosa = tetraploid sibtosa = tetraploid (sibirica x setosa)
(U.S.A. and Canada residents please check the legal restrictions on Iris pseudacorus before ordering.)

Pacific Bulb Society wiki is an excellent website to reference for many of the irids in group VI.
XX All Other Iridaceae


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