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55th Annual Seed Exchange, 2021

This year's seeds donated by:
    [BNW] Brian Wendal, MA, USA
    [DCL] Debby Cole, Mercer Island, WA, USA
    [DKR] Dennis Kramb, Liberty Township, OH, USA
    [JPW] Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks, Carlisle, MA, USA
    [KWK] Kenneth Walker, Concord, CA, USA
    [MFG] Martha Fregia, Midland, TX, USA
    [RBR] Rodney Barton, Hickory Creek, TX, USA
    [RKW] Ron Killingsworth, Mooringsport, LA, USA
    [RST] Robert Strohman, Louisville, KY, USA
    [SZR] Sean Zera, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


    VF = Very Few seeds (less than 25) available.
    FW = Few seeds (under 50) available.
    AV = Seeds are generally available.
    AB = Abundant supply of seeds.
    x = Seeds are sold out!
    OP = open pollinated.
    HP = hand pollinated.
    WC = wild collected.

2021 seed packets are $1.00 each.
Surplus packets are $0.50 each.

Inventory is NOT updated automatically. Refunds are NOT provided. 'VF' and 'FW' items will sell out quickly so if you do not specify substitutes your payment will be treated as a donation to SIGNA.

Use the checkboxes below to select which seeds to "buy" or request as "sub" (substitutes). Seeds in short supply will not be used for substitutes (therefore no checkbox is available to select them as subs).

NumberBuySubName & descriptionQtyDonorLinks

I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB
21TB001 "germanica" 2n=48 ex SIGNA 00C035, 2 clones crossed HP AV KWK
21DB002 x x humilis ex SIGNA 13DB003 selfed HP x KWK
21MB003 x x junonia OP x JPW
21DB004 x x lutescens purple ex N Marseille, France, 2 clones crossed HP x KWK
21DB005 x x lutescens purple ex Massif de L'Estaque, France, 2 clones crossed HP x KWK
21DB006 x x lutescens yellow ex N Marseille, France, 4 clones crossed HP x KWK
21MB007 x x marsica selfed HP x JPW
21MB008 x x marsica OP x JPW
21DB009 x x pseudopumila ex SIGNA 03A005 selfed HP x KWK
21TB010 x x trojana ex Vickery seed, Turkey HP x KWK
21MB011 SDB 'Julie Lynn' OP AB JPW

Arillate: AR
21AR012 x x acutiloba subsp. lineolata (ex Vickery ex Mike Jeans) × (ex Vickery LEE 156, Nagorno Karabakh) HP x KWK

II. Crested: CR
21CR013 x x cristata mixed OP x JPW
21CR014 x x cristata 'Precious Pearl' palest blue, almost white, vigorous, small flowered OP x JPW
21CR015 x x cristata 'Sam's Mini' blue violet, dwarf foliage, vigorous, small flowered OP x JPW
21CR016 x x gracilipes mixed OP x JPW
21CR017 milesii OP AB KWK
21CR018 tectorum mixed blue-violets OP AB JPW
21CR019 tectorum two isolated white clones OP AB JPW
21CR020 tectorum alba OP AV KWK
21CR021   tectorum alba OP FW DCL
21CR022   tectorum alba ex SIGNA 18CR026 OP VF RST
21CR023 x x tectorum 'Woolong' OP x DCL

III. Beardless: Chinenses: CH
21CH024 x x speculatrix Lonsdale Clone × Waddick/Shanghai Clone HP x KWK
21CH025 x x speculatrix Probst CPC × Lonsdale Clone HP x KWK

Foetidissimae: FT
21FT026 foetidissima yellow flowers, orange seeds OP AV KWK

Laevigatae: LV
21LV027 ensata ex SIGNA 10LV122 selfed HP AB KWK
21LV028 x x laevigata ex RISC red-violet OP x JPW
21LV029   laevigata 'June Lake' soft smooth blue-violet OP FW JPW
21LV030 x x laevigata 'Seiran' × 'Lakeside Ghost' HP x KWK
21LV031 laevigata ex JPW's Garden HP AV RBR
21LV032 versicolor 'Between the Lines' white ground, pale blue-violet veining OP AB JPW
21LV033 versicolor 'Candystriper' white ground, pale red-violet veining OP AB JPW
21LV034 versicolor 'Cat Mousam' (WC Maine) OP AB JPW
21LV035 versicolor 'Epic Poem’ light blue OP AB JPW
21LV036 versicolor 'Light Verse’ white ground, blue veins OP AB JPW
21LV037 versicolor 'Mint Fresh' wine red veins on white OP AB JPW
21LV038 versicolor 'Party Line' pink and white OP AB JPW
21LV039 versicolor 'Pink Peaks' shorter pink and white OP AB JPW
21LV040 versicolor 'Versicle' bluish white OP AB JPW
21LV041 versicolor 'Whodunit' violet and white, large OP AB JPW
21LV042 versicolor (hybrid?) 'Murrayana' pure white w/ yellow signal OP AB JPW
21LV043 virginica 'Contraband Girl' OP AV RBR

Louisiana: LA
21LA044 x x fulva OP x BWN
21LA045 fulva dwarf form ex Iris City Gardens, likely selfed OP AV JPW
21LA046 x x fulva 'Lois' × 'Marvell Gold' both WC yellows HP x KWK
21LA047 giganticaerulea selfed HP AV KWK
21LA048 x x nelsonii ex SIGNA 01O326 selfed HP x KWK
21LA049 x x LA hybrid 'Cajun Popcorn' OP x RKW
21LA050 x x LA hybrid 'Chacahoula Fire' OP x RKW
21LA051 x x LA hybrid 'Coushatta' OP x RKW
21LA052 x x LA hybrid 'Great White Hope' OP x RKW
21LA053 x x LA hybrid 'Myra Arny' OP x RKW
21LA054 x x LA hybrid 'Wheelhorse' OP x RKW
21LA055 x x LA hybrid 'Wood Violet' OP x RKW

Pacific Coast: PC
21PC056 munzii ex SPCNI 1270.14, 6 clones crossed HP AB KWK

Siberian: SB
21SB057 x x delavayi ex Chinese Alpines W/O 8080 (Dali, Cangshan, Yunnan, China) selfed HP x KWK
21SB058 sanguinea ex NARGS '14 3231 (WC Nargano Pref., Japan), 2 clones crossed HP AB KWK
21SB059 sanguinea ex NARGS '17 3132 (WC Yamanashi Pref., Japan), 3 clones crossed HP AB KWK
21SB060 sanguinea ex. SIGNA 04J047 (ex. 'Kamayama') OP AV RST
21SB061 sanguinea 'RISC Reward' blue-violet, very early OP AB JPW
21SB062 typhifolia 'Caitlin's Smile' OP AB JPW

Spuria: SP
21SP063 demetrii ex Yerevan Botanical Garden selfed HP AB KWK
21SP064 x x demetrii HP x RBR
21SP065 x x halophila ex SIGNA 09MS254 (misIDed) selfed HP x KWK
21SP066 pseudonotha bluish-white ex SIGNA 13SP224 selfed HP AB KWK
21SP067 pseudonotha HP AB RBR
21SP068 sintenisii evergreen OP AB JPW
21SP069 x x sintenisii v. brandzae ex Maurice Boussard seed, deciduous, running OP x JPW
21SP070 x x sogdiana ex Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan selfed HP x KWK
21SP071 sogdiana ex Kuyuk Pass, Kazakhstan selfed HP AB KWK
21SP072 spuria v. danica ex SIGNA 07P167 selfed HP AV KWK
21SP073   spuria subsp. maritima ex SIGNA 10SP066 HP FW KWK
21SP074   spuria subsp. spuria ex SIGNA 00M160, 2 clones crossed HP FW KWK
21SP075 xanthospuria ex NARGS '02 4775, Köycegiz, Turkey, 3 clones crossed HP AV KWK
21SP076 SP hybrid 'Betty Cooper' OP AV RBR

Tripetalae: TR
21TR077   hookeri OP FW BWN
21TR078 setosa WC North Pole, ALASKA AB SZR
21TR079 setosa fades to white OP AB KWK
21TR080 setosa Seedling # SP13-1-1 pale lavender OP AB JPW
21TR081 setosa Seedling # SP13-1-5 heavily veined blue-violet w/ white signal OP AB JPW
21TR082 setosa ‘Tourist’ purple with yellow signal OP AB JPW
21TR083 tridentata mixed clones of wild collected plants OP AB JPW

IV: Miscellaneous Beardless: MS
21MS084 dichotoma OP AB KWK
21MS085 dichotoma lavender OP AB MFG
21MS086 lactea lavender w/cream ground (ex Wildwood Gardens × ex Qilian Shan, China) HP AB KWK
21MS087 lactea v. lactea HP ex Vickery 2009 KZ9 (Almaty, Kazakhstan), 2 clones crossed HP AV KWK
21MS088 lactea 'Redundant' blue violet & white, repeat bloomer OP AB JPW
21MS089 lactea 'Tough Cookie' white OP AB JPW
21MS090 lazica HP AB KWK
21MS091 ×norrisii mixed, from named clones & seedlings of merit OP AB JPW
21MS092 oxypetala ex Russia, 5 clones crossed HP AB KWK
21MS093 prismatica OP AB KWK
21MS094 prismatica mid-blue-violet ex Warburton OP AB JPW
21MS095 unguicularis (2020 seed) HP AB RBR
21MS096 unguicularis alba HP AV KWK
21MS097   unguicularis alba × 'Ginny Hunt' HP FW KWK
21MS098   unguicularis alba × 'Walter Butt' HP FW KWK
21MS099 x x unguicularis 'Francis Wormsley' × 'Marginata' HP x KWK
21MS100   unguicularis 'Marginata' × 'Ginny Hunt' HP FW KWK
21MS101 unguicularis 'Marginata' × 'Mary Barnard' HP AV KWK

V: Bulbous: Reticulate RT, Juno JU, Xiphium XP, Nepalensis NP
21JU102 x x aucheri 'Olof' selfed HP x KWK
21JU103 bucharica 'Baldschuan Yellow' selfed HP AB KWK
21JU104   bucharica 'Swan Wings' selfed HP FW KWK
21JU105   bucharica 'Swan Wings' × 'Baldschuan Yellow' HP FW KWK
21NP106 decora ex NARGS '10 1638 HP AV KWK
21JU107 magnifica 'Agalik' × 'Aman-Kutan' HP AB KWK
21JU108 magnifica ex NARGS '97 2167 × 'Aman-Kutan' HP AB KWK
21JU109 planifolia selfed HP AV KWK
21JU110 planifolia ex ((var. micrantha CRL 1054, Tunisia) × (KV208, Spain)) × ex garden HP AB KWK
21RT111 x x Reticulata hybrids OP x JPW
21XP112 x x tingitana ex SBL 194, Morocco selfed HP x KWK
21JU113 vicaria ex Uzbekistan selfed HP AB KWK
21XP114 xiphium ex Sierra de las Nieves above El Burgo, Spain, 2 clones crossed HP AB KWK

VI. All Other Iridaceae: XX
21XX115 x x Alophia drummondii OP x RBR
21XX116 Crocosmia 'Lucifer' red OP AB JPW
21XX117 x x Cypella sp. Condeuba from Brazil Plants x DKRlink
21XX118 Ennealophus euryandrus [native to Argentina] AV DKRpic
21XX119 Herbertia lahue OP AV RBR
21XX120 Freesia laxa red OP [native to Africa, ranging from South Sudan to South Africa] AV RBR
21XX121 x x Neomarica northiana Buzios from Brazil Plants x DKRpic
21XX122 Sisyrinchium minus, annual OP AB RBR

The surplus seeds listed below are available at half-price and can be combined with this year's seed order.

I. Bearded: Dwarf DB, Median MB, Tall TB
20TB003 "germanica" 48 chromosome ex. SIGNA 00C035, three clones crossed HP AB KWK
20DB007 x x lutescens purple ex. N. Marseille, France × ex. Massif de L'Estaque, France HP x KWK
20TB012 x x pallida 'Alba' OP x KDI

Arillate: AR

II. Crested: CR
19CR019 tectorum OP AB DKRpic
20CR023   tectorum OP FW DCL
20CR024 tectorum mixed blues/violets OP AB JPW
20CR026   tectorum (ex. SIGNA 15CR027) × NARGS '15 1234 HP FW KWK
20CR027 x x tectorum ex. 'Sun Moon Lake' OP x DCL
20CR028 tectorum ex. 'Woolong' OP AV DCL
20CR029   tectorum 'Alba' OP FW KDI
20CR030 x x tectorum 5 bud white ex. David Schmieder OP near other white x JPW
20CR031 x x wattii selfed HP x JWW

III. Beardless: Chinenses: CH

Laevigatae: LV
19LV037 x x laevigata 'June Lake' OP x MPI
20LV038 x x ensata ex. SIGNA 10LV122 × self HP x KWK
20LV040   ensata 'Mt. Fujiyama' white selfed HP FW CSM
20LV042 x x laevigata 'Mottled Beauty' OP x JNL
20LV044 x x prismatica mid-blue/violet ex. Warburton OP x JPW
20LV046 x x versicolor 'Between the Lines' white w/ pale blue-violet veins OP x JPW
20LV047 x x versicolor 'Cat Mousam' ex. coll. MAINE OP x JPW
20LV048 x x versicolor 'Epic Poem' light blue OP x JPW
20LV049 x x versicolor 'Light Verse' white w/ blue veins OP x JPW
20LV053 x x versicolor 'Versicle' bluish-white OP x JPW
20LV054 x x virginica v. shrevei ex. SIGNA 10LV148 × self HP x KWK
20LV055 virginica ex. 'Contraband Girl' OP AB RBR
20LV056   "tetra-versata" OP FW DKRpic

Louisiana: LA
20LA058 x x brevicaulis ex. SIGNA 02O227 × self HP x KWK
20LA060 x x brevicaulis B04 - seed from Louisiana Species Preservation Project x JNL
20LA063 x x giganticaerulea selfed HP x KWK

Pacific Coast: PC
20PC064   douglasiana 'Chalk Hill Road' × ex. Ragged Point HP VF KWK
20PC065 x x douglasiana 'Chalk Hill Road' × ex. San Bruno Mt. HP x KWK
20PC066 x x douglasiana ex. Pigeon Point × ex. San Bruno Mt. HP x KWK
20PC067   douglasiana ex. Ragged Point × ex. Pigeon Point HP FW KWK
20PC068 douglasiana ex. Ragged Point × ex. San Bruno Mt. HP AB KWK
20PC069 douglasiana hybrid, lavender-pink, 12”, late OP AB DCL
20PC073 x x tenax WC Clackamas Co., OREGON selfed HP (grows wild in donor's garden) x CSM

Siberian: SB
19SB066 x x sanguinea ex. SIGNA 04J047 (ex. 'Kamayama') OP x RST
19SB070   sibirica 'Alba' OP FW KDI
19SB072 x x sibirica OP x KDI
19SB073 sibirica SIGNA 00J085 coll. E Switzerland OP AV JNH
19SB075 ex. 'Sugi Iri' OP AV RST
20SB074 sanguinea ex. NARGS '14 3231 (WC Nargano Pref., Japan) two clones crossed HP AB KWK
20SB075 sanguinea ex. NARGS '14 3231 (WC Nargano Pref., Japan) × NARGS '17 3132 (WC Yamanashi Pref., Japan) HP AB KWK
20SB076 sanguinea 'RISC Reward' blue-violet, very early OP AB JPW
20SB077 sibirica ex. SIGNA 00J085 Switzerland OP AV JNH
20SB078 sibirica OP AV JNH
20SB079 sibirica 'Alba' OP AB JNH
20SB080 sibirica 'Kobaltblau' OP AB JNH
20SB082   typhifolia hybrid ex. SIGNA 13SB208 OP FW RST

Spuria: SP
19SP082 graminea OP AV JNH
19SP083 x x graminea OP x KDI
19SP084 x x graminea v. pseudocyperus OP x KDI
19SP085 x x halophila OP x JNH
19SP087   orientalis ex. SIGNA 10SP061 HP FW KWK
19SP089 spuria OP AB KDI
19SP091 xanthospuria 2nd generation ex. NARGS '02 4775 HP AV KWK
19SP094   ex. 'Dress Circle' OP FW JNH
19SP097 ex. 'Imperial Bronze' OP AB KDI
20SP084 crocea ex. WC Kashmir, Chadwell seed, 3 clones crossed HP AB KWK
20SP085 crocea OP AV KDI
20SP087   graminea OP FW JNL
20SP088 graminea OP AV KDI
20SP089 graminea OP AV JNH
20SP090   graminea ex. SIGNA 01M206 HP FW KWK
20SP091 x x graminea nicely fragrant OP x JPW
20SP092 graminea v. pseudocyperus OP AV KDI
20SP093   halophila OP FW KDI
20SP094   monnieri hybrid OP FW JNH
20SP095 orientalis ex. SIGNA 10SP061 three clones crossed HP AB KWK
20SP096 orientalis OP AV JNH
20SP097 x x spuria ssp. Spuria ex. SIGNA 00M160 selfed HP x KWK
20SP098   spuria OP FW JNH
20SP099   spuria hybrid OP FW KDI
20SP100 x x xanthospuria ex. NARGS '02 4775 Turkey, three clones crossed HP x KWK
20SP102 'Gift from Paradise' OP AV JNL
20SP103 x x 'Imperial Bronze' OP x JNH
20SP104 x x 'Imperial Bronze' OP x KDI
20SP105 'Minneopa' OP AV KDI
20SP106 x x 'Ochroleuca' OP x KDI
20SP108 x x 'Social Circle' OP x JNH

Tripetalae: TR
19TR107   tridentata mixed clones ex. coll. OP FW JPW
20TR109 setosa WC North Pole, ALASKA AB SZR

IV: Miscellaneous Beardless: MS
19MS115   lactea OP FW JNH
20MS119   domestica OP FW DKR
20MS123 x x lactea OP x JNL
20MS124 lactea OP AV JNH
20MS126 x x lactea SIGNA 00R420 × SIGNA 00R404 HP x KWK
20MS127 lactea ex. Vickery 2009 KZ9 Kazakhstan two clones crossed HP AB KWK
20MS132 x x ×norrisii mixed named clones/seedlings of merit, purples and whites OP x JPW

V: Bulbous: Reticulate RT, Juno JU, Xiphium XP, Nepalensis NP
19JU137 x x planifolia OP x MBS
19RT140 x x tuberosa OP x KWK
20NP146 x x decora ex. NARGS '10 1638 × ex. Til Jung 63 Nepal HP x KWK
20XP149 x x lusitanica selfed HP x KWK
20JU153 x x magnifica 'Aman-Kutan' selfed HP x KWK
20RT159 x x Iris tuberosa OP x KWK
20XP162 xiphium ex. KV198 Sierra de las Nieves above El Burgo, Spain HP AB KWK

VI. All Other Iridaceae: XX
20XX165 x x Aristea ecklonii OP x MGB
20XX166 x x Babiana fragrans (syn. B. disticha) OP x MGB
20XX167 x x Crocus probably tommasinianus or hybrids OP x JPW
20XX168   Dietes bicolor OP FW KDI
20XX169 Ennealophus euryandrus OP [native to Argentina] AB DKRpic
20XX170 Freesia viridis ex. SIGNA OP AV RBR
20XX173 Sisyrinchium minus ex. Denton Co., TX, pink, annual AB RBR

19XX144   Dietes iridioides ex. SIGNA OP FW RBR
19XX146 x x Ferraria crispa OP x MBS
19XX151 x x Moraea marlothiae OP x MBS
19XX156 x x Dietes iridioides ex. SIGNA92Z361 x RST
20XX178   Babiana hybrid blue/purple OP FW MGB
20XX179 x x Dierama pulcherrimum OP x MGB
20XX180 Freesia laxa subsp. azurea OP [native to Africa, ranging from South Sudan to South Africa] AB MGB
20PC182 Iris douglasiana hybrid blue OP AB MGB
20XX186 x x Romulea sp. large purple OP x MGB

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