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This year's seeds donated by:
    [AMC] Allan Robinson, ENGLAND
    [BCH] Bill Chaney, La Pine, OR, USA
    [DKR] Dennis Kramb, Liberty Township, OH, USA
    [DSR] Donald Sorenson, Greenville, MI, USA
    [EDK] E. David Kraemer, Weimer, TX, USA
    [JNH] Neuhercz Józsefné, Budapest, HUNGARY
    [JPW] Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks, Carlisle, MA, USA
    [JWW] James Waddick, Kansas City, MO, USA
    [KDI] Kalásziné D. Ilona, Budapest, HUNGARY
    [KWK] Kenneth Walker, Concord, CA, USA
    [LAR] Lars Høpfner, Svogerslev, DENMARK
    [MBS] Maurice Boussard, Ventabren, FRANCE
    [NZI] New Zealand Iris Society, NEW ZEALAND
    [RBD] Robyn Braden, Allens Flat, VIC, AUSTRALIA
    [RBR] Rodney Barton, Hickory Creek, TX, USA
    [RST] Robert Strohman, Louisville, KY, USA
    [SZR] Sean Zera, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
    [TWT] Tom Waters, Santa Fe, NM, USA
    [WDP] W. Duglass Paschall, Lansdowne, PA, USA
    [WWG] Will Plotner, Mollala, OR, USA

Legend: VF = Very Few seeds (less than 25) available. FW = Few seeds (under 50) available. AV = Seeds are generally available. AB = Abundant supply of seeds. x = Seeds are sold out! OP = open pollinated. HP = hand pollinated. WC = wild collected.

Packets are $1.00 each.

Inventory is NOT updated daily. 'VF' and 'FW' items sell out quickly SO PLEASE SPECIFY SUBSTITUTES.

Use the checkboxes below to select which seeds to "buy" or request as "sub" (substitutes). Seeds in short supply will not be used for substitutes.

NumberBuySubName & descriptionQtyDonorLinks

DB Dwarf Bearded (none)

MB Median Bearded
15MB001   aphylla FW JPW
15MB002   aphylla VF JNH
15MB003 aphylla hybrids OP AB BCH
15DB004 x x attica OP x DSR
15DB005 lutescens native to France AV MBS
15DB006   pallida OP FW DSR
15TB007 pumila ex Armenia AB TWT
15TB008 pumila ‘Wild Whispers’ OP AV TWT
15TB009   pumila coll. Szechenyi Mt., Hungary FW KDI
15MB010 x x reichenbachii, ex Kozani Pref., east of Mt. Askion, Greece OP but should be selfed x ARN
15DB011 x x suaveolens ‘rubromarginata’ x suaveolens   HP x JPW
15MB012   variegata FW TWT
15MB013   variegata FW KDI
15MB014   variegata ‘Pontica’ OP FW DSR
15MB015   MTB ex ‘Rayos Adentro’ OP FW RST

TB Tall Bearded (none)

AR Arillate
15AR016   paradoxa f. choschab × barnumae f. urmiensis (2012) VF SZR

CR Crested
15CR017 confusa AV MBS
15CR018   confusa ex ‘Martyn Rix’ (2013) VF RBD
15CR019 cristata mixed clones OP AV JPW
15CR020 gracilipes OP AB JPW
15CR021 milesii AV NZI
15CR022 tectorum HP AV RBR
15CR023 tectorum OP AB JPW
15CR024 tectorum HP AV LAR
15CR025   tectorum violet FW DKR
15CR026 tectorum ‘alba’ AV LAR
15CR027   tectorum ? ex Chen Yi, came as goniocarpa var grossa FW KDI
15CR028   tenuis WC rare and hard to find FW WWG
15CR029 wattii two clones mixed, tender, up to 6’ tall AV JPW

CH Chinenses
15CH030 koreana AV JPW
15CH031   odaesanensis ex ‘Ice Whisper’ OP    FW JPW
15CH032 speculatrix AB KWK

FT Foetidissimae
15FT033   foetidissima cold hardy in SW Ohio, USA  FW DKR
15FT034   foetidissima FW JNH
15FT035   foetidissima FW KDI

LV Laevigate (U.S.A. and Canada residents please check the legal restrictions on Iris pseudacorus before ordering.)
15LV036 pseudacorus ex ‘Sushi’ AB DSR
15LV037 versicolor WC Iron Co. MI, USA    AB SZR
15LV038 versicolor WC Dickinson Co, MI, USA    AB SZR
15LV039 versicolor WC Delta Co, MI, USA    AB SZR
15LV040 versicolor ‘alba’ AV DSR
15LV041 versicolor ex ‘Between The Lines’ AV JPW
15LV042 versicolor ex ‘Cat Mousam’ AV JPW
15LV043 versicolor ex ‘Epic Poem’ AV JPW
15LV044   versicolor ex ‘Light Verse’ FW JPW
15LV045   versicolor ex ‘Mint Fresh’ FW JPW
15LV046   versicolor ex ‘Murrayana’ FW JPW
15LV047   versicolor ex ‘Party Line’ VF JPW
15LV048   versicolor ex ‘Pink Peaks’ VF JPW
15LV049   versicolor ex ‘Shape Up’ FW JPW
15LV050   versicolor ex ‘Versicle’ FW JPW
15LV051 versicolor ex ‘Whodunit’ AV JPW
15LV052 virginica shrevei OP ex SIGNA 10LV129 AV KWK

LA Louisiana
15LA053   brevicaulis X self HP FW KWK
15LA054   fulva ex ‘Wood’s Red’ HP FW RBR
15LA055 giganticaerulea ‘alba’ OP AV KWK
15LA056   giganticaerulea ‘alba’ HP VF RBR
15LA057 giganticaerulea ex ‘Big Tex’ HP orig. coll. Matagorda Co., TX AV RBR
15LA058   nelsonii HP FW RBR
15LA059 nelsonii AV NZI
15LA060 LA ex ‘Full Eclipse’ AV NZI

PC Pacific Coast
15PC061 PCI ex ‘Karapiro Mist’ (NZ bred) AV NZI
15PC062 PCI ex ‘Karapiro Ripples’ (NZ bred) AV NZI
15PC063 PCI ex ‘Lilac Lullaby’ (NZ bred) AV NZI
15PC064 PCI ex ‘Vaudeville Dancer’ (NZ bred) AV NZI
15PC065 PCI ex ‘Wild Survivor’ OP AV WWG
15PC066 PCI ex mixed cultivars AV NZI

SB Siberian
15SB067 sibirica ex 00J85 ex E. Switzerland AV JNH
15SB068 sibirica wild type AV KDI
15SB069 sibirica AV LAR
15SB070 sibirica ex Matra Mtn, Falloskut, Hungary AV KDI
15SB071 sibirica alba AV LAR
15SB072 SIB ex ‘Harpswell Haze’ AV NZI
15SB073   SIB ex ’Kleiner Schmetterling’ FW JNH
15SB074   SIB ex ‘Swans in Flight’ FW JWW
15SB075 SIB ex ‘Sweet Success’ AV NZI
15SB076   typhifolia OP ex ‘Caitlin’s Smile’ FW JPW
15SB077 typhifolia OP undoubtedly selfed AB SZR
15SB078 typhifolia hyb ex 'Who's On First’ OP AV DSR
15SB079 wilsonii ex 03J050 AV JNH

SP Spuria
15SP080 crocea AV KDI
15SP081 halophila AV KDI
15SP082 monnieri OP AB KWK
15SP083 orientalis AB RBD
15SP084 orientalis AV JNH
15SP085 orientalis AV KDI
15SP086   sintenisii (from Jan. 2014) FW RBD
15SP087   sintenisii     FW JNH
15SP088 sintenisii     AV MBS
15SP089 spuria ‘alba’ AV KDI
15SP090 spuria subsp. carthalinae ex ‘Georgian Delicacy’ OP but no other spuria in bloom at the time AV JPW
15SP091 spuria subsp. maritima HP ex 04M121 AV RBR
15SP092 spuria subsp, notha AV JNH
15SP093   xanthospuria HP NARGS 02/4775 X SIGNA 03M126 FW KWK
15SP094   SPU ex ‘Bronze Beauty’ FW KDI
15SP095   SPU ex ‘Clarke Cosgrove’ FW JNH
15SP096 SPU ex ‘Eleanor Hill’ AV JNH
15SP097   SPU ex ‘Imperial Bronze’ FW JNH
15SP098   SPU ex ‘Imperial Bronze’ VF KDI
15SP099 SPU ex ‘Janice Chesnik’ AV JNH
15SP100   SPU ex ‘Kalihari’ VF KDI
15SP101 SPU ex ‘Lydia Jane’ AV JNH
15SP102   SPU ex ‘Red Oak’ FW KDI
15SP103 SPU ex ‘Missouri Star’ AV NZI
15SP104 SPU ex ‘Missouri Streams’ AV NZI
15SP105 SPU ex ‘Shelford Giant’ OP AV KWK
15SP106   SPU ex ‘Social Circle’ FW JNH
15SP107 SPU ex ‘Tassili’ AV KDI

TR Tripetalae
15TR108 setosa ex ‘Tourist’ purple w/ yellow signal AB JPW
15TR109 tridentata OP ex mixed clones AV JPW
15TR110   tridentata OP ex 03O227 ex Wakula Co. FL USA VF KWK

MS Misc Beardless
15MS111 dichotoma 98T470 x 10MS202 AB KWK
15MS112 dichotoma alba OP ex 09MS240 AV RST
15MS113 domestica AV KDI
15MS114   domestica FW WDP
15MS115 lactea AV LAR
15MS116 lactea ex ‘Redundant’ blue violet and white, rebloomer AB JPW
15MS117 lactea ex ‘Tough Cookie’ white AB JPW
15MS118 missouriensis WC 4200 ft La Pine, OR AV BCH
15MS119 prismatica OP mid-blue-violet AV JPW
15MS120   prismatica OP ex ‘Exeter’ blue VF JPW
15MS121   ruthenica FW JNH
15MS123 ruthenica OP ex ‘red form’ very early and short at bloom AV JPW
15MS124 unguicularis AV MBS
15MS125 unguicularis AV RAB
15MS126 unguicularis ‘alba’ X self AV KWK
15MS127 x x unguicularis ‘alba’ HP (coll. Dec. 2013) x RBD
15MS128 verna OP purple/blue    AV KRW

Please use these excellent websites to reference many of the irises in group IV.
RT Reticulata; JU Junos; XP Xiphium
15JU129 aucheri AB LAR
15JU130 aucheri AB JNH
15JU131 bucharica AV JNH
15JU132 bucharica AV KDI
15XP134 x x histrio ex Archibald 2009 0588406 Turkey    x KWK
15JU135 magnifica AB KDI
15JU136 magnifica AV LAR
15JU137 magnifica ex ‘Blue Dream’ AV LAR
15JU138 magnifica ex ‘Virginity’ AV LAR
15JU139 magnifica ‘Agalik’ x ‘Aman-Kutan’ AV KWK
15JU141 planifolia AV MBS
15RT142   reticulata ex. 'White Caucasus' OP VF SZR
15RT143   reticulata ex ‘Gordon’ FW KDI
15XP144 tingitana HP ex SBL 194 Morocco v tall    AV KWK
15RT145 tuberosa AV MBS
15JU146 I. (magnifica x  willmottiana) x OP AV LAR
15JU147 I. (willmottiana x magnifica) x OP    AV LAR
15XP148 latifolia pale blue /mauve    AV NZI

SX Wide Crossses (excluding Arilbred – see I Bearded)
    x versata = versicolor x ensata
    x biversata = versata x versicolor [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of versicolor]
    x reversicolor = versicolor x biversata
    x reensata = versata x ensata [the name is meant to suggest 2 doses of ensata]
    x tetraversata = tetraploid versata = tetraploid (versicolor x ensata)
    x robusta = a natural hybrid of I. virg. shrevei x versicolor reported by Anderson (1949)
    x versilaev = versicolor x laevigata
    x pseudata = pseudacorus x ensata
    x sibtosa = sibirica x setosa
    x tetrasibtosa = tetraploid sibtosa = tetraploid (sibirica x setosa)
(U.S.A. and Canada residents please check the legal restrictions on Iris pseudacorus before ordering.)
15SX149   Sibtosa ex ‘Mauve Snowtop’ selfed FW RBR

Pacific Bulb Society wiki is an excellent website to reference for many of the irids in group VI.
XX All Other Iridaceae
15XX150 Babiana nana AV NZI
15XX151 Crocosmia paniculata AV MBS
15XX152 Cypella peruviana syn. Hesper. peruvianum ex 09XX430 AV RBR
15XX153 Dietes bicolor AV NZI
15XX154 Dietes flavida ex 99Z458 cream colored AV RBR
15XX155   Dietes iridioides ex 92Z361 listed then as D. vegeta FW RST
15XX156   Dietes iridioides FW JNH
15XX157   Dietes iridioides FW KDI
15XX158 Dietes sp. variegated, sold as Moraea iridoides ‘Variegata’ ex Greenleaf Nursery AV EDK
15XX159   Diplarrena moraea FW JNH
15XX160 Ennealophus euryandrus [native to Argentina] AV RBR
15XX161 Ennealophus fimbriatus ex 12XX361 AV RBR
15XX162 Freesia laxa (syn. Anomatheca laxa) red [native to Africa, ranging from South Sudan to South Africa] AV RBR
15XX163 Freesia sp. WC Cape, RSA AB MBS
15XX164 Gladiolus floribundus AV MBS
15XX165 Gladiolus italicus. syn. G. segeturus [native to southern Europe and into Asia] AV MBS
15XX166 Gladiolus splendens [native to South Africa] AV MBS
15XX167 Lapeirousia jacquinii ex SIGNA 99Z477 AV RBR
15XX168 Moraea huttonii [native to South Africa] AV MBS
15XX169 Moraea marlothii AV MBS
15XX170 Moraea polystachya   [native to southern Africa] AV MBS
15XX171   Moraea sisyrinchium syn, Gynandriris sisyrinchium FW JNH
15XX172   Moraea spathulata Feb. 2014 [native to Africa, ranging from Zimbabwe to South Africa] FW RBD
15XX173 Romulea diversifomis AV MBS
15XX174 Romulea subfistulosa AV MBS
15XX175 Sisyrinchium angustifolium [native to eastern North America, from Texas to Minnesota to Ontario, Florida to Newfoundland] AB RST
15XX176 Sisyrinchium angustifolium blue-eyed grass [native to eastern North America, from Texas to Minnesota to Ontario, Florida to Newfoundland] AV DSR
15XX177   Sisyrinchium graminoides FW KDI
15XX178 Sisyrinchium macrocarpum [native to Argentina] AB MBS
15XX179 Sisyrinchium macrocarpum [native to Argentina] AB KDI
15XX180   Sisyrinchium palmifolium FW MBS
15XX181 Sparaxis elegans mixed colors very pretty AB RBD
15XX182 Sparaxis grandiflora clear bright lemon [endemic to South Africa] AB RBD
15XX183 Watsonia ex ’Frosty Morn’ AV NZI

LATE ADDITIONS - received February 17 2016
15PC184 douglasiana, pale lavender, OP, from Vicki Demetre in Freeland, Washington USA AB XXX

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